This web site is my (Craig DeLancey’s) resource for teaching and philosophy.

Here are some links to my research:

Work in Progress

My current work in philosophy is primarily concerned with: consciousness, Camus’s metaphysics and politics, and teleology. I also have a growing interest in The Great Enrichment and its causes.

  • I recently finished a book on consciousness, which is forthcoming from Routledge.
  • I’m working on a book on Camus’s metaphysics and teleology. This is focussed largely on The Rebel. I show that Camus’s implicit metaphysical theses shape his political critique of Stalinism and other illiberal movements.
  • I’m developing a general theory of teleology. Building on my work in teleofunctions, and also my work on Camus and the existentialists, I’m developing a more general account of both descriptive and normative teleology.
  • I have a growing interest in The Great Enrichment, and especially whether philosophy played a role in it.

I’d be grateful to anyone interested in reading or discussing preliminary work.

Curriculum Vitae

My philosophy curriculum vitae is at:

My ResearchGate profile is at: