This web site is my (Craig DeLancey’s) resource for teaching and philosophy.

Here are some links to my research:

Work in Progress

My work in philosophy is primarily concerned with: consciousness, emotion, and teleology.

I recently finished a book on consciousness, which is out for review. It argues that phenomenal experiences appear mysterious because they are irreducibly complex. This then renders (a form of non-reductive) physicalism our best bet for explaining consciousness. I’d be eager to send a copy to anyone interested in reading it and offering advice.

My next projects are two different books, on the following topics:

  • Camus’s metaphysics and teleology.
  • A general theory of teleology.

Same for those: I’d be grateful to anyone interested in reading preliminary work.

Curriculum Vitae

My philosophy curriculum vitae is at:


My ResearchGate profile is at: