PHL111 Valid Reasoning, current assignments

Current Assignments
Note: I do not accept homeworks by email.

29 November
Last Homework! from chapter 14, do problems 1a-g. 1h-j can be extra-credit.
30 November and 2 December
Sorry, busy week for meetings. I'll have office hours on GoogleMeet from 3-5 pm Tuesday and Thursday. Links to come.
1 December
Optional practice: here are some potential practice problems, if you want some chance to do extra-practice.

Here are practice problems for translation. Here are some answers.

I was asked for more practice translations with quantifiers. Here are a few more. Assume the domain of discourse is persons for these.
  • Everyone likes Fry.
  • Fry likes everyone.
  • No one likes Fry.
  • Everyone who likes Fry does not like Bender.
  • Someone likes Fry and Bender.
  • No one doesn't like both Fry and Bender.
  • Everyone who likes Fry and Bender but not Leila is a mutant.
  • Someone likes Fry and someone doesn't like Fry.
  • Everyone who is a mutant either likes Fry or Bender.
  • Everyone likes someone.
That last one is a stretch problem.

If you want some practice proof problems, try proving:
  • Prove the theorem (¬(P ∧ Q) ↔ (¬P v ¬Q)).
  • Prove the theorem (∃xFx → ¬∀x¬Fx).
  • Prove the theorem (¬∃x¬Fx ↔ ∀xFx).
8 December
Final exam in our classroom MCC132 from 10:30 am -- 12:30 pm.

Pumin says, "Practice your logic!"

Tentative/expected Assignments (subject to revision)