Class: PHL100 Problems of Philosophy
Professor: Craig DeLancey
Office: CC212A

Current Assignments

29 November
I have posted on BlackBoard a selection from Simone de Beauvoir's book, The Ambiguity of Ethics. It's too long! Just look at pages 15-18 and 142-143.
30 November and 2 December
Sorry, busy week for meetings. I'll have office hours on GoogleMeet from 3-5 pm Tuesday and Thursday. Links to come.
1 December
Reading! Read Albert Camus's very short essay, The Myth of Sisyphus and read the short selection from Albert Camus's The Rebel. This is on BlackBoard. Camus is asking: when is revolt justified? But he phrases it as: why is murder wrong? Then, Camus thinks he has an argument that we have a purpose, even in a meaningless universe. Can you reconstruct his argument? We'll try in class.

Online practice quiz on the question of purpose.
8 December
Final exam in our classroom from 8:00 am -- 10:00 am. I DIDN'T PICK THE TIME, so don't get made at me. Remember, this is all questions from earlier quizes or from homeworks, although since I didn't quiz you on mind and free will, I might have a couple extra new questions on those.

Tentative Assignments